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Economic information, 1917-63, and loan and you may borrowing from the bank circumstances files, 1938-63

Economic information, 1917-63, and loan and you may borrowing from the bank circumstances files, 1938-63

Textual Facts (in Ohio Town): Communication, and a keen alphabetical document, 1922-36; a main topic document, 1920-53; a decimal document, 1926-69; and you can a beneficial chronological file, 1937-50. Telegrams sent, 1932-37, and you may received, 1922-37. Yearly account, 1922-46. Month-to-month story accounts, 1954-sixty. Department e-books, 1938-42. Communications per particular bookings, including Fond du Lac, 1922-36; Leech River, 1922-30; Grand Portage, 1935-48; Nett Lake, 1922-51; and Light Earth, 1933-43. Group records, 1931-55. Info of provides and you can possessions, 1930-64. Info according to general councils of one’s Chippewa Indians out of Minnesota, 1918-23. Moments out of standard council and relevant information, 1922. Testimony taken at the a conference to your Wheeler-Howard Work, 1934, also records of your referendum to the operate. Communication regarding the legislation and you can order, 1942-54. Correspondence of your own Examiner away from Heredity, 1923-35. Heirship payment profile, 1922-42. Licenses of custodianship, 1935-thirty six. Voter moves, 1926-thirty-six. Ideas of your own tribal constitution referendum, 1936. Votes of the constitution and you will rental referendums and you will relevant listing, 1937. Passions coverage communication and you can related information, 1935-41. Ideas concerning the 1918 fire, and states communications, 1918-50; spiders to help you and times off says, 1937-39; and you will claims instance documents, 1923- fifty. Interaction towards General Land-office, 1903-twenty six. Communication per home transformation, use, and you will ownership, 1922-49. House explore ideas, 1918-54, and suggestions off timber agreements, 1903-54, and you will bids, 1922-28; and you may yearly forestry and you may grazing profile, 1936-52. Records of one’s Superintendent out-of Logging, as well as standard interaction, 1904-28; comments off social fund, 1903-17; and you may ideas off disbursements, 1903-31. Suggestions of the Functions Improvements Management (WPA) property allowance and you may heirship info project, 1939-41. WPA transmittal and you may improvements sheets out of belongings allotment and you can property information, 1939-forty. Leech Lake allotment files, 1897-1937. Listing from White Environment allottees and you can associated telecommunications, 1907-25. Exchange facts, together with lease checklist cards, 1923-51. Info based on private Indian money (IIM), 1914-66, including standard communication, 1914-31; annuity communications, 1922-41; and you will work advice instance data files, 1951-67. Information about the tribal tips, 1918-sixty (most 1934-60), together with ideas of your Grand Portage Change Post, 1939-sixty, and of the fresh Grand Portage Forest Activities Firm, 1951-55; records of the Tribal Rehabilitation Loans, 1941-54; booking council and you will business financial records, 1945-53; ideas of your Insane Grain Arts and crafts Organization Organization, 1939-46; together with tribal manager’s topic file, 1918- 53. Indian Solution facts, also general booking censuses, 1889-1940; extra censuses, 1936-42; and you can a reservation census, 1961. Suggestions concerning health and passion, 1909-53, including social service case records, 1927-43; and you can beginning and you can death communications, 1922-53. Details of your own Minnesota Farm Employment Corps Maintenance Cardiovascular system, 1945-69. Correspondence of your Federal Childhood Management Secretary District Superintendent, 1937-38.

Info towards studies, 1923-61, along with telecommunications, education loan and you can grant instance data files, census cards, and college or university enrollment facts

Charts (56 products, in the Kansas City): White World Scheduling townships, 1938-forty eight (31 items). Sandwich plats for Light Planet Booking, 1937 (twenty-five facts). Pick Along with .

Buildings survey, 1924

Textual Ideas (in Ohio City): Characters sent, 1869-1914. Miscellaneous letters obtained, 1864-1902. Standard communications, 1903-twenty five. Telegrams, 1874-1926. Superintendent’s correspondence, 1917-45. Quantitative, 1922-56, and you may chronological, 1935-forty five, communication. Straight down Brule telecommunications, 1915-23. Department diaries, 1870-82, 1913-15. Correspondence of institution investors, 1864-77. Matrons, growers, and you may stockman reports, 1910- 15. Steamboat and you may ferry information, 1869-72. Staff facts, 1870-1907, 1913-fifteen. Service monetary info, 1874-1946. Homes details, also survey field notes, 1875; allocation and heirship suggestions, 1886-96, 1906-22; exchange documents (Lower Brule), 1936-40; lease facts, 1906-45; certification stubs, 1875; information away from home and wood conversion, 1904-18; rehab loan home deeds, 1940; and various profile, 1934-40. Timber-cutting it allows, 1931-32; suggestions out of domiciles and farms and of agricultural merchandise provided, 1893-98, 1913-15; and you can info of Five year Farming System, 1925-30. Census rolls and you can associated info, 1881-1937; family mathematical reports, 1945-48; and you can important analytics, 1881-1921. Information of real inspections of kids, step 1900-step 1. Annuity payrolls, 1894-1911. Sioux gurus file, 1908-20. Procedures of the Sioux Percentage https://paydayloansexpert.com/payday-loans-az/, 1888. Financial and you will social studies (All the way down Brule), 1914-38. Civil Conservation Corps communications, 1933-42. Personal Indian currency (IIM) instance records, ledgers, and you may relevant ideas, 1909-54. Anyone register, 1901-6. Tribal ideas, and additionally council process regarding the Black Mountains point, 1918; interaction, resolutions, and you will election files, 1939-55; council minutes, 1917-26, 1939-54; court records, 1889-1911; and lower Brule tribal interaction, 1939-55.

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Economic information, 1917-63, and loan and you may borrowing from the bank circumstances files, 1938-63

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